Tuesday, January 26, 2010

DP: question

re-revised - How can a multifaceted design system through out kansas city create and promote a stronger, safer, and a more enjoyable option for transportation among the community of pedestrians and motorists.

Meredith - With the use of facts, ideas and cultural contexts, how could an outdoor, interactive, multifaceted design system promote basic interest, changes in safety, community building, and sustainability within the cyclist community in Kansas City.

Mine - How can cycling become a prominent option for pedestrians as transportation or recreation in the Kansas City area by providing information to build a stronger community between motorist and cyclists.

I talked with Meredith about my degree project and really felt I wanted to cover a lot of things that are connected to cycling in kansas city. I believe the idea of "community" from motorist to pedestrians to bikes shops to the city planners are key areas I will need to focus on. I also want emphasize the importance of cycling as a safe and fun way to commute among these areas even if they choose not to ride.

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