Friday, December 4, 2009

MX website response

leave your valuable critique in the comments!


Adam McBride said...

Mr. Matt,
I think that the overall usability of the site is good. I don't ever find myself needing or wanting to click the "back" button on my chrome which I think is really important. I wonder if multiple views of the work once the user has fullscreened a piece would be benefitial. I definately think that it questions traditional usability of a standard portfolio site. I think it is a good departure, however. The icons, for instance, as the bottom navigation are very obscure, but I think speak to your sensabilities as a designer. I also like it that they are icons and not just lines of text that say "print", "drawings", etc. They are interesting and most definately question traditional forms of navigation that most portfolio websites utilize. The "about" section is also very tasty. The large type, I have found, is very user friendly and also unexpected (especially in most sites we stumble upon today). In terms of the overall oranization, I feel like it is a bit standard (print, drawings, contact, etc.), but I think that is ok. The boundaries you are already pushng make me not too concerned with that aspect. I did notice that once I got to the site that the navigation did not show up on the browser (i had to scroll down to it.) That is one of those technical issues, or whatever, but it might be worth revisiting the size and testing it on other machines and browsers.

Overall, good job and I can really appreciate your exploration and struggles that you went through during the project. Keep on truck'n dude!

Genia (Evgeniya) Narinskaya said...

The overall usability of the website is pretty good. It challenges the stereotype of an HTML website being a boring page with long columns of text and/or funky images.
Your explanation "calm down and explore" idea was pretty good. It is simple enough to be clear and useful, but has additional levels of discovery.
I do, however, think that it could be useful to add a function of clicking out of the image by clicking on the stripes in the back. The clicking out of the image works too, but it can cause some confusion. I would also like to see detail images and description, but I'm sure that can be easily added.
I agree with Tyler's comment about the resume. It would be more comfortable to read it if the type was bigger. You can also have an option of downloading a PDF.
The info about the section is very useful, as well as the "breadcrumb" that allows you to see where you are on the site.
The non-linear sequence of the site helps the busy art director look at works he is more interested in, which I think is a good thing.
The link section that also resembles the barcode seems a little bit too important. Maybe it has fewer bars that show works also associated with you (your blogs, writing, w/e) or they can be presented in a list of some kind. I agree that you should be careful about putting links of other people, unless they serve as an inspiration to your own work.

Good job overall!