Tuesday, January 26, 2010

DP: dream job

For me a dream job means happiness. There are a lot of aspects of life that make me happy and to incorporate them into a single job would be amazing! Although certain things that make me happy may not pay the bills, so I'm going to try and narrow the things that do into something manageable.

I can see myself working at a small design firm with people who share common interest to always keep the work environment creative and enjoyable. It makes me happy to create work for friends and locals that need some help with design but aren't the hippest brand out there. Finding happiness in the studio is a must and should be covered in all forms of inspiring design whether it is a light switch cover or an add in an extinct newspaper. Location is still up in the air but west coast weather would be amazing. The location must also have a strong cycling community that will keep me in shape. I often think about how incredible it would be to open a small design studio with a friend and have our own space to create personal work on the side. I would definitely want to have a letterpress complete with a wood shop and tool set. I would basically make everything I ever wanted to make to survive. I think this sounds like a design job of a starving artist but this to me can pressure and challenge me to take on bigger projects in the future to keep me going.

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