Sunday, September 28, 2008

2D :: KINETIC TYPE :: storyboards

experimenting with transitions between verbs. sugar dissolves into crystallization and then rots. I took most of the ideas from the top storyboard except I had sugar clumped and broke apart as it dissolved. I also had fragments from rotting fall off the frame.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

RHETORIC 1 :: mexican americans

1. What are some predominately shared values of this group?
Family is by far the most important value among mexican americans.detail
-hard work
-human rights

2. What political policies/issues are particularly important to this demographic in this election?
-organizational involvement
-Iraq war
-economy and health care

3. Are there any cultural references your demographic identifies with?
-Lowrider! "not only a visual statement but it is a statement of a way of living. To relax, go slow, be proud, and never sell out who you really are."
-ponchos & sombrero
-Tattoo of sexy ladies
-day of the dead, skulls
-those guys that ride around little carts selling interesting things....

4. What does their graphic landscape look like? 
-bright colors

5. Including aiga document and other sources, what are the issues cited for this group not voting?
-elections based on non-issues
-thought the count did not vote
-too busy, conflicting schedule
-voter registration problems
-illness or disability





2C :: KINETIC TYPE :: transitions

Initial word list:
coffee grounds
instant coffee

My decision was based on the interest in the verbs of sugar: crystallize, rot, and dissolve.
I did a lot of hand drawn sketches as well as digital. I enjoy the digital rendering of crystallize for the reason it emphasizes the structure of the letter form.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

final two book narratives

Final actions of making coffee and drinking coffee in book form. ten frames were also inserted into the narratives and displayed in a story board format. I changed the background to gray use a dark color for the coffee and appear easily.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Refined version from previous set taking bits and pieces of photography combines with sketching or even mocking up or French press.