Thursday, November 13, 2008

"phase 3: system postcard"

This is my final solution.

The System I came up with was youth rebellion.. seeing roller skates representing a younger crowd.. and having them run over a city.. especially a church  is rebelling or not conforming to beliefs of laws..  I hope this is something on the right track...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Combined postcard Final

VL combine post cards

TV opener research

To Me the purpose of the TV opener works as its identity along with it being a brief summary of atmosphere and character that are rooted in the show. Many openers use songs or imagery that are recognized and become this type of branding.. it also coexist with the credits framing the show as a whole. They exist because they give credit to the actors and producers!
The context would be inside a store.. local coffee house.. I see a bunch of snow surrounding it. its in a small town. there a lonely man.. looking for friends. he's a local at this coffee shop.. its open 24-7 due to the craziness of all the coffee fiends. the main character,Fred is there for its the conversations though. they have some bomb coffee. As he spends all of his time there being hyped on coffee his brain is constantly thinking and pondering of the people who visit the coffee house. Always seeking for a good conversation or a different point of view. I would like it to have its own channel 24-7 but you know thats not possible. so I would throw it in with one of the not so popular later night channels because I came up with this in the last twenty four hours.. GREAT. The audience is just the random viewer who finds something intriguing in the relationships Fred has with random people. The people who cant sleep at 2 in the morning.
ok so yea im thinking it will be called "Fresh Bean"


Sunday, November 9, 2008

SM documentation progress

This is basically where I started. I knew I wanted it to start off with real life objects (either coffee beans or table top scene), so I took photographs with a tripod. This allowed me to make roll over buttons that moved and remained in the same vantage point.
Another big step was photoshopping all the parts I wanted to move and create a short animation that would play when rolled over.

so this is  the crazy action script I've been working with. Tons of symbols and images.. trying to keep them in organized files.
It was kind of hard to document the actually animations due to the roll over aspect. Each object will have some kind of roll over and allows clicking to play something else. I tried to pair them up logically.. so sugar packets play my kinetic type of sugar and so on..

Friday, November 7, 2008

"comm models: object postcard"final

"comm models: object postcard" process

I was looking at ways I could use the object to create tension. is this cheating? anyways.. dramatic lighting always helps..