Wednesday, November 25, 2009

MX : reading response 103-115

The idea that we are all imprisoned to screens whether it be the classical, dynamic, or real-time screen is very interesting and overlooked. Although after about 2 hours of looking at the screen I have to get up a move because most parts of my body are asleep. Why are we stuck in an immobile state to the screen. We see what each type of screen wants us to see and agree with it following the narrative. In this narrative it dictates what and when we get to see certain things. In virtual reality we may feel as if we are moving or in the actual space but we seem to be lacking a correspondence to the actual environment. When VR took the idea of the mouse and placed it on some ones head we magical merged the VR with reality. This seems silly and back for the eyes. I think I like this immobile state because I don't like being in a reality that isn't real. I like the balance of realization and the narrative the is provided. Its not always about your perspective but rather the cinematographers. I do think 3D movies are pretty radical though, but still super intense on the eyes.

What strikes me as interesting about representation and simulation is how we combine these. The fresco enters a new kind of perspective that tries to simulate the environment into reality. This representation of images and other media seem to be creeping more and more into our environment. Although we still remain imprisoned to them even if they become mobile. This really bothers me because not only will we be imprisoned to them but the opposite seems just as sketchy. If VR and other screen based media become mobile when could we escape them. Maybe I'm old fashioned but some of the best things in life are completely removing ones self from the screen and enjoying the real physical world.(such as riding a bike) if this ever or is a simulation I would find it interesting to compare it but I doubt VR will ever be as enjoyable as the real thing. I see VR as more of a training exercise to avoid injury or emotional shock that could be resourceful and save money. Other than that I'm not down with mind games.

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