Thursday, November 19, 2009

MX : reading response 94-103

I agree with the fact that the screen creates a simulation of what is being pictured. When we see something that doesn't fit to the screen size we become highly distracted. Now we have options to customize this by either dimming the background to cut down on this distraction or to even full screen most things. Although we sometimes elude this in leisure time due to loading on certain websites and networks but anytime during long periods of concentration or presentations this illusion is a must. Channel surfing also crossed over into surfing the web! I really like the analogy of widows acting as flipping through channels or watching them simultaneously.

I was also really fascinated with the history of the screen outside the television. It makes me wonder what other technology will stem from our current efforts in military technology. ( hopefully something constructive )

When the reading talked about using a pen to interact with the screen this reminded me of making up technology for our community websites. Although every user would have to obtain them to participate but the advantages are endless. The experience of going beyond the typical screen based image could really evoke a sense of virtual reality through the idea of the third dimension that changes to the user.

This article is very informative and makes me question how long the screen will be around. Can any surface have the potential to do what the screen does now or even could light alone hold this virtual reality? good stuff!I do think people are so accustomed to the way the TV screen works right now with minor innovations but the monitor is still in its beginning stages. I cant even comprehend the technology used in the military and the progress that is being made. Will we ever escape virtual reality once it moves beyond the screen?

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