Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Just got the new thrasher fork and wanted to give it some light. Its seems no one really did any useful coverage on it so I guess I will. First off, this fork is Fast! much more responsive than the Fu manchu and will fling your endo 180's like a nollie half cab. Sliders are way faster as well although I haven't gotten the hang of sliding them out super long like I have with the Fu manchu. Some restrictions are the tire size (40c?) and clearance. I think its a good compensation though. I got 42c's and don't plan on going bigger. I also believe in giving props to people who are doing hob bars on bikes without 100% bar clearance. It brings me back to the days when fixed gear freestyle never had 100% bar clearance and geometry was actually aggressive. So if you're looking to put some tilt on your thrasher and have it sit properly I would go for it.

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