Sunday, March 7, 2010


I had the opportunity to check out the 2010 car show and boy was I impressed. I'm not a big car fan but I really enjoyed this experience. Maybe because design played a major roll in everything there. From the time lapse of the set up to promotional materials. It was overwhelming to be surrounded by so many pretty objects. Cars that looked like bat mobiles with contours you have to see in person. I did get to sit in my favorite car ( 07 Rx8 ) even though it was a 2010. I was kinda bummed though because it was completely stock, but hey it was still pretty radical. So for the actually task of finding something Practical, Persuasive, and Poetic at the car show I came across plenty of examples. Many of them were a mix of all three so I guess my examples might be more literal to each one.

Practical- I chose this photo because the lighting of an object is always an important component to displaying something, especially items worth big bucks.. gotta make them shine under good lighting. just look at the quality of the photographs too (NO FLASH).

Poetic- This is one of the first things I seen when I was at the car show and definitely felt they were telling a storying and tried to put you in the mood of these historical cars. Kind of cheesy but I got the idea. Maybe if they had real models like the price is right or something along those lines it would have been EPIC!

Persuasive- OK. um. wow. almost every dealer had someone persuading the audience with all their great features. Along with informational motion graphics this guy was trying his hardest so I gotta say it got my attention. Maybe if I was interested in actually buying a vehicle I would have stuck around longer but the truth of it is I have to WORK to make money first so I'm going to get back to work!

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Kidwell at LXIII XI said...

nice matt! who's the mannequin?

love your image of the steel, space-frame ceiling. i grabbed it for my collection.