Monday, March 29, 2010

Critical Mass Media

This past month has just been fantastic with my degree project. I feel like I'm actually making a difference which I wasn't completely satisfied with last semester in visual advocacy. I'm starting to think this would be a viable path that I would be willing to investigate even further after I graduate. I think the aspect of being connected to the cycling community as my audience along with motorist and focusing on the outside environment specifically makes it seem like what I'm doing isn't work anymore but a calling to take action for what I'm passionate about. Not that I don't enjoy sitting at the computer all day everyday... but seeing how my work really holds up whether its a rude awakening or a thrill of excitement to the mass is the true test. Maybe I overlook this when it comes to previous work I've done because little of it was published to be seen to the mass and start that dialogue outside of the design building.

On another note I wanted to share some links that have taken note of the KC cycling scene along with my projects for my degree.

I think visual advocacy should be taught to the whole school.

- 46 more days till graduation and 46 things to resolve. This is going to be great.

- If your bikes not locked up you better be riding it because it is beautiful outside!