Friday, November 13, 2009

MX : wireframes

labels are anchored into the biggest block on the right that functions as the home page button.
choosing a category will highlight projects associated to them while still allowing other projects to still be linked.

clicking on triangles bring up larger images.

This design uses my last name as the nav bar that will rotate out links accordingly.
when a letter is rolled over it displays the category title. when you click it changes out the projects. when you roll over the rectangles they will bring up a title and discription.
clicking on a bar will bring up a large image with more views located on the second set of triangles. when clicking on the bar to the left it will bring you back to the roll over stage of all the projects in that category. you can navigate by clicking on the arrows at the bottom.

a color coded periodic table holds all projects and a roll over activates the project description large and overlays the image when rolled over. when rolled off it will be removed and show the complete image.

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