Wednesday, December 3, 2008

SM crit (CASSIE!)

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Cassie said...

• rate overall concept from 10-1 (10 is best).
• comment on the story structure (plot, rising action, characters, etc)
6 i think your concept is a good one but i think it could have carried it through better. the single character is working well but the story is lacking a climax. Or rather a point? I'm confused about what the show is about besides coffee.

• rate overall visual form/narrative quality from 1-10 (10 is best).
• comment on how the story is told (visual quality, point-of-view, appropriateness, level of creativity, etc).
9 very creative, the angle it is shot at is interesting and appealing. it is a very appropriate way to portray a coffee house. sound of the environment of a coffee house

• rate overall use of duration from 1-10 (10 is best).
• what makes these durations good or bad (can you read/see everything necessary, is the pace too slow/fast, etc)?
8 The pace seems really good. the breaks in the "speed talking" to smoke or drink are really nice moments.

• rate overall use of motion from 1-10 (10 is best).
• what makes these movements good or bad (appropriateness, character/quality, etc)?
as i said before the breaks are really key moments they are timed well and provide a nice break in the motion of the mouth. also adding additional elements to the narrative to complete the picture of a coffeehouse.

• rate overall use of transition from 1-10 (10 is best).
• what makes these transitions good or bad (appropriateness, creativity, do they overpower the content or augment it)?
10 the transitions are really well done. they fit in really nicely to the over all feel and flow of the video.

• describe the hierarchy of communication channels (image, text, voice, music, sfx) and their relationships. what makes the mix of channels effective or ineffective?
7 The channels that you use blend really well together to create an environment of a coffee house. I did however find it odd that we can hear the background chatter but not him talking. that your character blows smoke but we can't hear him breathe. i thought the choice of the music and background noise was really nice. it might have been interesting if tidbits of what he is saying came through.

• does this project attempt to break with convention in how it presents information?
- if so, what makes it successful or not in its attempt?
- if not, what makes it successful or not, despite it being conventional?
8 I think it does a good job at breaking with convention by presenting the coffee house in a way it would not be traditionally shown. the point of view is unique and the way you treated the movie.