Wednesday, October 8, 2008

flash progress


Logan Smith said...

Crystalizing is standing out, probably because it took the longest time to create. It works really well. It doesn't look like something you created in flash. It has natural qualities that connote sugar. Dissolve makes me think of falling or sinking in a cup of coffee, but I think it more conveys distance than dissolving. I imagine morphing letterforms. Also, how does it lead into crystalize? does all of it dissolve into nothing, or is there a residue that begins to crystalize? Rot is a difficult action for me to understand because I don't think of sugar as rotting, so it's especially important that you are descriptive when conveying that action. I don't know what it looks like. I see the word falling apart, which I understand as breakdown. The crystals are falling off the screen. I think of rotting as having some kind of byproduct, oozing or decomposing but I'm not really sure how to envision rotting sugar. I like the direction you're taking to create your own type, each expressive of the action involved. It really helps me understand the specific processes involved.

Greg Gentry said...

Ok so addressing your first question about making the fist more cohesive with the other 2 actions, i would say the main difference is that clearly the first one is not hand made. So one way maybe to hand draw the first action. Or a less time consuming solution may be using outlined font for your crystallization's are line drawings and are hollow. But i really think it works fine the way it is so if those ideas dont appeal to you than i would leave it the way you have it. Ok so im get the dissolve action but i wonder if instead of the letters getting smaller they just dissolve instead. But once again i do understand your idea behind them getting smaller and fading. Maybe little pieces start to dissolve off the letters so its not the whole letter at once but pieces here and there but then eventually they do all dissolve to nothing. Or maybe then dont all dissolve at once? maybe the s u g a dissolve first and the the g has to go around a few more times before its completely gone? Just some thoughts.

Ok now on the crystalize, i think it is nice the way they come on to the screen and i have to be patient for it all to happen but i wonder if the crystals only build off each other starting all in one part of each letter? in stead of the crystals forming in all over the letters have them start in one spot in then build off each other.

Rot, very cool but i wonder where those pieces are going. Could you possibly let all those pieces fall on to or below the baseline and then have them pile up into a pile of dust of just a pile of crystals. Instead of just leaving one left on the stage, you end with that whole word rotted in a pile that sits at the bottom of the stage.

Overall good work in flash, i like your transitions and i hope these comments can help you or give you other creative ideas.