Tuesday, April 29, 2008


First Ideas
People- clock: old person, scale: fat person, Lock: security
Life-clock: birth, Radio: disaster, Phone: death
Birds-clock: rooster, phone: pigeon, calculator: owl
Action-clock: skid mark, lock:broken glass, scale: imprint
Cheap-radio: newspaper, lock: rope, phone: pen and paper
Old- clock: sun dial, calculator: abacus, radio:newspaper

I've already started exploring treatment and composition in my bird concept and really enjoy this one visually in comparison to the technology aspect of each icon to nature. I first did many acetone transfers, drawings, overlap printing, and some photoshop.. I started to develope a similar language to my icons by pixelating the birds into grids. Im now in the process of experimenting how the image and icon interact through composition.

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