Wednesday, October 15, 2008


In my approach to this project I would consider the narrative of each image. Just learning about rhetoric and how you can imply another level to images or create a new relationship seemed to stand out the most and something that could only be done if the subject was well understood and considered. So starting off with good information I wanted to base my concepts around what hispanics were mainly concerned with which was immigration.

Even as I was working through a single concept I would find more and more possible tropes I could use to say something new or different.  Sometimes this would end up being more confusing but would show an example of different tones depending on the situation. 

For my first poster with weaving I chose doing an allegory. I believe using thread as a literal device showing the joining of materials and in this case the principle of immigration or border laws. I felt that a weaving/poncho  could be easily recognized as a reference to hispanic culture and then further symbolize the importance of each thread as each vote is important to form immigration regulations. I felt that this one was the most developed and understandable  for using a trope for its minimal clarity.

My second poster was a bit more of a stretch and involved creating a metaphor of a butterfly conveying the concept of immigration sense every year they migrate back and forth. This became a route for me to make something light and fundamental. Being able to show something of nature and bringing it back to hispanic culture was the goal. So in this reason I brought in a mariachi band to further deepen the environment setting between them and the musical floating butterflies. I ended up going with a wood block print approach for its highly  recognizable reference to the culture as well so as soon as someone saw the image there would be a direct connections to my demographic of hispanics.

over all there was a lot of critical thinking that needed to be resolved and having this apart of process is indeed going to bring up man new ideas that will take an image or idea to the next level and away from the mundane.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Junior/Senior Crit.

So Adam, Adam, and I just did are critique on our vote posters and it went well. I received some important feed back on how the metaphor of migration  wasn't as clear as it could be. we discussed how the monarch butterfly could be directed towards hispanics without using a mariachi band to focus on the main idea of migration. I thought the illustration would work nice as using a band as a voice and creating movement. I think this is good on a certain level.. but as we discussed it might be a little tooooooo deep and involves more patience to being persuaded. We discussed on how a copy could be enough to give the viewer information needed for understanding the metaphor, but then how would this be related to hispanics... so is the mariachi band needed to speak to my audience.. aWWWWWWW
We also commented on how my copy on the mexican blanket also needed a different copy which ive been trying to get going. Its like I know there is something that makes perfect sense but I just haven't found them yet. so I have two days and lets hope my mind power will figure this puzzle out!

Final Kinetic Type Animation

Sugar always starts and ends the day.

my three verbs are dissolve, crystalize, and rot!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008